Tuesday, August 06, 2013

No Buy Season for Makeup Update

Out of all goals set for 2013, only one small goal has been met so far.

I've found that motivation plays a big part in meeting the debt pay off goals, so, here I am taking joy in meeting this goal half way through 2013.

I have not bought a single item of makeup or had a salon hair cut since 2012. This is laughable to most but people who have met me know that makeup was another big addiction that I had/have. It is hard resist a beautiful color, a compact, a quad, a collection, and so on. For me.

However, although my old makeup collection would last through my No Buy Season and beyond, my hair is getting near my backside. I am thinking of asking S.O. to trim it for me now that we're in a savings groove again instead of going to a cheap haircut store.

Also, I never knew how women in an work/office setting can be very catty with Hair and Makeup...

I pretty much stay out of the way at work. I try not to socialize too much (maybe I should?). Yesterday, a female co-worker told me that my long hair is "annoying" her and that I should have it braided. I usually tie my hair up if I am performing field duties and put a hat on but when I am in the office, I leave it down or in a pony tail. It's not wildly going all over the place in a frizz. She then proceeded to touch my hair and started braiding a few sections until I asked her to stop because I don't like to braid my hair at this instance.

Another lady told me that I need to start wearing makeup again because my face looks like "shit" when bare. She swears alot so I didn't take offense with the use of shit to describe my face but I did feel unease about how people notice these things and make it a big deal. I do look pretty bad without makeup with just oily sunscreen for protection during my sweaty field days. It's just not practical for me to wear makeup and do my hair nice if I am going to be out in the field all day sweating.

It should be allright for a woman to NOT wear makeup. Men don't give a care if we do or not. Why do women care if others wear makeup or not??

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