Monday, July 03, 2006

HSBC Savings Account @ 5.05% Interest Rate

Now that HSBC has raised its interest rate to 5.05% , I need to allocate any future liquid savings to HSBC instead of concentrating in Emigrant Direct. 5.05% is just too good to ignore. I would only be able to save $200/month, if that, for the next three months, due to the recent burglary and a purchase of a pair of new glasses (I'm legally blind), so I won't bee seeing a huge jump in terms of the accrued interest.

However, has anyone noticed how much of a pain accessing HSBC can be at times? Their passwords can be a pain to type in!! I still haven't been able to memorize the passwords. However, especially after the burglary, I appreciate the fact that HSBC creates long numerical passwords as well as an additional password for accessing the external link for transferrable funds (i.e. your checking account, etc.). I guess I can't have both easy accessibility AND safe security for an online savings account.


  1. Anonymous4:23 AM

    EmigrantDirect is now at 5% so it may not make sense to move.

  2. You can change your login and password on HSBC to something easier for you to remember. I forget how, because I did it months ago. Look into it.

  3. Anonymous12:59 PM

    It is easy to change your password on HSBC-go to "profile" located on the right side of the screen after you login-then just simply change your password.

  4. Great!!! I'm going to change the password once I can dig through the box that I had put away my account information along with the original's around here somewhere along with the other unpacked boxes!

    Even better news...HSBC and Emigrant seems to be in the neck to neck interest hike race!

  5. Anonymous7:30 PM

    It is a good thing for your password to be hard to remember. Use a utility to remember it. I just tried Roboform and am kicking myself for not finding it years ago...

  6. I still can't remember one of my passwords for HSBC. I decided to just not try it and to mail in my deposits. Much easier for me and less stress because they will kick you off after so many tries and you have to call them in order to get back on. I do love that 5.05%. I like your blog.


  7. Anon,

    Thanks for the Roboform Tip! I need to look into that....anything that'll help my patience, really.


    I've already been kicked off for failing to type in the username and password wrong four times in a row! I guess I was having a bad day that day :P. Asking them to reset it was a pain as well...since they mail out the new password.

    Now that I've changed my password to a much easier to remember password on HSBC password, I am much happier. If only true happiness was that easy!

  8. quo,

    I added your blog to my links as well..hope you don't mind..

  9. bryan9:02 PM offers a 5.25% money market. i would put my liquid money there...

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  11. You can change your login and password on HSBC to something easier for you to remember. I forget how, because I did it months ago. Look into it.

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  12. I would rather it be a well-known-ish bank, and preferably not an online-only bank (unless they have amazing rates and you have been with them for over 6 months without any problem whatsoever).high interest savings account