Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Alternative To and

Now that and charge a sales tax for California, I am trying to find more alternatives where I can find bargains without tax or shipping cost over a certain minimum buy.

Amazon and Drugstore were/are the two main websites that I order from for personal and health care, skincare, and beauty products.

An Alternative to and  

Vitacost will have to be the site to order my vitamins and organic face or hair products from at the moment. Vitacost usually has a general discount of 67% off retail prices on average.

Things I like about

They do not charge tax.

There is no shipping fee if your order is over $25.

They also have online manufacturer's coupons that you can apply instantly.

Their referral program is better than others:

If you click through my referral link right here << >> to their website and sign up, You get $10 and I get $10. You can apply your $10.00 to your first purchase.

It's not the usual "only the source person gets $5".

They always have lovely organic products to try out at lower costs than from Wholefoods or Sprouts. For example, I buy my Nutiva Coconut Oil from Vitacost and plus, I save on sales tax!

I will still buy alot of things from since they tend to have the best deals. For example, I will still buy this from Amazon:

I love this stuff....great for the hair and skin.

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