Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Easy Amazon Gift Card through Swagbucks


I signed up with quite a while ago but I never really took advantage of it until lately.

What I have gotten within the previous two weeks: Two $5.00 Amazon gift cards

What I did:  I searched the most trending words on yahoo and google on the Swagbucks website's search window. Alot of the times, the yahoo daily article topics are good at generating some swagbucks.

Search & Win
My time spent: Approximately 10-15 minutes each day when I get home from work. Sometimes, it's less time than that because quite frankly, I am not patient enough and do not do enough research on what words and phrases are popular.

Here is a banner that you can click on to join for free that has my referral link in it.

Search & Win

You can redeem quite a variety of rewards, but I focus on gift cards, such as restaurant gift cards and gift cards. 450 swagbucks can be redeemed for $5.00 amazon gift card.

The amazon gift card codes can be accumulated endlessly so I am saving them for a bigger purchase. I, also, redeem 450 swagbucks whenever it reaches that point because it takes about a week for the gift code to be sent.

My weirdest search phrase today?

Sheep Invasion = paid 8 swagbucks

How off the wall is that??


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