Saturday, September 22, 2012

Endeavor Flew Over Our Office on 9/21/2012

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Just a quick record of Endeavor (the last manned spaced shuttle) flying over our office building yesterday!

We went on our roof and took a quick picture of it as it flew by. It was a pretty cool sight to see.

It was heading towards Disneyland, Anaheim. I work in a neighboring Orange County City. 

Talk about Disneyland, Anaheim, I really dislike the fact that Disneyland has raised their Annual Southern California resident passes each year for the last couple of years. My boyfriend loves Disneyland and has been wanting to go there again but I don't see the point of renewing our Annual passes. When we held the annual passes, we only visited six times that year. Now, with the price increase, I'd rather just pay a one time fee to satisfy the boyfriend's Disneyland fix that should last for a couple of years.

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