Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Price of Smoking

I've smoked socially before I started to smoke regularly in my 24th year. In my mind, I've never seen myself as a smoker. So, I bought cigarettes from the gas stations nearby, pack by pack...never in bulk like most regular smokers. I was in denial and of course, it cost me more financially to buy pack by pack. I ended up smoking a pack every two days and I blamed a pretty stressful job for it.

Cost of Smoking:

$4.95 (approximately) + $1.50 (something cold to drink) = $6.45

$ 6.45 x 183 = $1,180.35 x 4 = $4,721.4 Total Spent Approximately on something that didn't benefit me healthwise and financially. It definitely feels like I've paid alot more than this, though.

By the way, it has been over a week since I've last smoked!! They say that you don't know for sure if you've gone off on cigarrettes after you've quit for at least five years. A long way to go.


  1. Excellent! Great job on staying away from those cigarettes. Not only will you see an immediate savings from not buying packs but you will also see a savings in future on health and life insurance policies.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Good for you. So, given that it sounds like this habit has been costing you about $100 month. If you take that and put it into a Stock Index fund, and let's assume that you average a 7% annual return, somewhat under the historical average, in 30 years you'll have about $122,000- just from saving what didn't otherwise go up in smoke!

    Talk about burning up money!!!

    And this isn't taking into account that the cost of 'ciggies' are sure to go up, and as your addiction deepens, you'd have started smoking more.... if you assume you'd hit and stay at a pack a day within five years, and invest the actual cost adjusted yearly, I'd bet that you could have an extra quarter million by retirement.

  3. Good Job and Good Luck. I tried to quit a few months ago and only lasted 8 days. I think the most important thing is being in the right mindset to quit. I wish you luck and maybe you can help the singleguy quit. I cringe everytime I purchase cigs as I know I could add those few bucks to my bottom line.

  4. Congratulations! Besides the money you spent on the cigarettes, you would stand to spend a considerable amount on healthcare in the future. You are killing two or three birds with one stone.

  5. Anonymous11:23 AM

    all this crap about saving money instead of spending on cigarrettes is well, crap! i tried that tactic during the 3 months that i quit, but i spent that money on something else anyway. so quit for the right reasons and not the bullshit excuse of saving money. i heard it somewhere that you're either a smoker or not a smoker. so pick on and be it happily. for now i'm enjoying being a smoker without the guilt and constantly having to say "oh i'm trying to quit".

  6. I'm quitting because I want to quit smoking. Not to save money. Elliott :)

  7. That wasn't me :)


  8. Anonymous9:54 PM

    To all quitters, congrats, more power to you if the money thing motivates you, but seriously, money is not very important when compared to the other downsides of smoking. I was a brief smoker about 10 years back, smoked for just over a year and can't believe I did such a thing in hindsight.
    Good Luck and stay strong.

  9. Oh Lol, sorry about that Ell!!

    Just to clear things up, I'm not quitting smoking to save money. It's just an added bonus. I'm quitting smoking because of health problems and due to the up and coming surgery. I am well aware of the health consequences of smoking.