Monday, August 05, 2013

Selling on an update sales of used and old books, textbooks, ps3 games, and movies have been surprisingly good.

Movies that I would get maybe a dollar have sold for a few more bucks. I'm surprised with the Korean mini-series DVDs. Some of them sold for more than what I paid for them 4-5 years ago. All the textbooks that we were able to sell made more money on Amazon than it would have on or through the school's textbook buyback program.

Mainly, the things that I have been able to sell off quickly were some of my old PS3 games. I'm still holding onto a trunk load of old PS3 games....

Total cash made on selling my crap on Amazon: $ 342.00

This cash has already been put to use for groceries or gas fund.

One gripe: Amazon charges alot ($5+) for electronic media (DVDs/Games/etc) sales.  I think it's way too much. For example, I sold a game last week for $20 bucks. After shipping and Amazon fees, I'm left with nearly $12 only.

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