Monday, August 05, 2013

No spend weekend - Our first

Our first "No Spend" weekend was this past weekend and I didn't feel the pinch yet. Probably this is because we went to a free event with free food and entertainment on friday night and the rest of the weekend was mainly house chores and gaming on a free server for an old old game (yes, we're nerds and we still play games although we're at an age where we shouldn't.)
On friday night, we went to the S.O's new job's "night of celebration", where the company provides free entertainment, raffles to various electronic equipment, free food, and party games for kids mainly. We didn't win anything from our raffle ticket. Figures, we have never won anything in our lives. Why would it start now? *grins*

It was still very fun to watch other people's kids run around and win little prizes for their party games. The free food was so delicious and they had a smoothie station and a root beer float station. We ate our fill and were the only people who took some food home in to-go boxes. Free music, free food, and free chance to win at something wasn't a bad way to spend our friday night!

On Saturday night, we used our free movie tickets for Regal Cinemas (we use Regal Cinemas' rewards program) and watched "Wolverine", which was good. The box office girl didn't want to print out our free movie tickets although the points were well beyond their 150 points threshold for a free movie ticket. But, a little bit of honey did the trick.

Next week is going to be hard since we have gotten used to a spending lifestyle, which got us in trouble in the first place, and are weak willed. I wish I can vouch that we're strong willed people and are going to do everything perfect from now on but only time and practice will tell. We just have to get into the mindset of no-spend weeks or even months to get us out of this hole.

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