Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Budget

The concept of Christmas Spending is slightly foreign to me since my family usually does not give each other gifts during Christmas. This Christmas, I want to show my family that I am thankful and happy to have their support but since I am currently on a tight budget, I am limiting myself to $100 for my immediate family.

I had previously bought a couple of $10 Panini Presses during the Black Friday sale, so that will help with the gifting to my parents and my sister. My nephew is getting a console game that he loves and since it's a downloadable game and on sale, the price tag is not as high as retail. My boyfriend is getting a day of pampering from me; minimal money spent and hopefully, he will appreciate the massage and his favorite meal (his mom's recipe). I'm still thinking about what I should get for my brother, who has everything.

For co-workers, I am making a few leftover jars (I knew there was a reason why I kept those pickle jars!) filled with cookie mixes. I bought the ingredients from Winco, which has really cheap bulk baking ingredients. I'm not making layers in the mix because let's be honest, I am not crafty and tend to be clumsy.

It will be a very quiet Christmas this year.


  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    For the brother who has everything, here are two suggestions depending if he's interests more athletic or academic.
    1. Plan a hike and bring the picnic.
    We are already looking snowy and wintery here, but we all bundle up for hikes year round. If it's cold out the picnic just leans heavily to the thermos of homemade tomato soup and a bagel to dunk (being able to drink directly from the thermos with no cutlery is critical if you will be picnicing with your mits on!) Another thermos of hot chocolate and some homemade cookies and you're done. Take a photo of the two of you and frame it (dollar store frame) to remember the day.

    2. Plan a trip to a museum or art gallery. Most have at least one day or evening a month when admission is free or very reduced. Again, bring the picnic. If the museum doesn't allow outside food, plan to go to a park or beach for your meal.

    For relatives who have everything, often your time and effort are the best gift of all.

    1. Thank you, Anon.

      We actually took your advice somewhat. We're currently in San Diego area (one hour drive) on our family hike/picnic! :). My brother and his family seem to be enjoying this trip... it's been the best in a long time. Just talking next to the fireplace about family memories have been the best reward. I am planning to make a collage book of the pics we take during this time to give as a present for everyone.

      I am not sure if you will come back to this website but Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. You know, even though my boyfriend and I are trying to save (we need to buy an apartment), I have failed on this Christmas budget. I basically can't control myself when it comes to giving presents to my friends and family. I am trying to give them the most that I can. I know the love me who I am, but this Christmas' presents were just too much. I have spent a fortune ( my bf was pretty upset with my spending I must say). I was even ready to turn to these urgent payday loans online, but thanx god I did not do this. Next year I am going to be way more money-savvy! You set a good example which I definitely need to follow;)

    1. Definitely do not go toward the payday loan route!
      They are tempting, I know.

      I hardly spent anything this past christmas/thanksgiving.. and I don't think that my famil likes me less for it. It worked out well I think!

      Keep at it!