Wednesday, August 07, 2013

21 years until credit card debt freedom?

If I continue to pay minimum payments on my credit cards, the $21,000 credit card debt currently will take 21 years to pay off!

I have hand written the amounts of debts I owe on a paper debt tracker table so that the significant other can view it as well. Every day, we will be viewing when the bills are due and how much debt will still be left. It's hanging with a thumb tack on a wall of the home office.

Currently, we are just paying the minimum payments because money is tight. In order to prevent further debt accrument, we are focusing on bringing the Emergency Fund to $5,000 first.

21 years of credit card prison?? This just means we have to reach our short term Emergency Savings goal quickly so that we can start focusing on paying extra to the debt. I'm going to scan the debt load tracker forms and post them on here as a follow up post. I might think about duplicating the paper version in an electronic form so that I can easily keep track and upload on the blog. But I do want and need to keep it simple and have S.O. have easy access as well at the end of the day where it can stare back at us from the wall, reminding us about them. That way, also, we can take encouragement from little payments we have made each month as we walk around the place. It might even serve to deter us from going out and buying that $175 concert ticket that we obviously can not afford.

The simpler it is, the better for us. I don't want us to start hating the "chore" of updating two forms. Knowing ourselves, we need to associate as little workload with our debt tracking activities.Start simple.

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