Monday, July 22, 2013

Making cheap healthy meals

I started cooking healthy recently due to money budget reasons (no more Carl's Jr. takeouts!) and health reasons. I realized that there really is no excuse for eating out, especially at fast food joints, and if I just try to find time planning each meal, I can actually make pretty good healthy meals.

While I was conversing with a co-worker about healthy recipes, he gave me this interesting recipe blog called "Thug Kitchen". Although this blog seems abit excessive on swear words (almost every sentence!), it does have great healthy and easy recipes.

I just tried making their gabanzo bean burrito and for once, I didn't have to take my diabetic medicine to regulate my blood sugar! Plus, it was so cheap (less than $5 for 8 servings/more) to make.  I really just needed to buy a broccoli head, two bell peppers, and two cans of gabanzo beans.

WARNING: This site does have some colorful language. I'm not affiliated with it or anything!

Thug Kitchen's Garbanzo Bean & Broccoli Burrito Recipe

Tried it and it was YUM.

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