Monday, February 11, 2013

Tax Refund: Where Did It Go?

I received approximately $4,000 in tax refund. I was overly joyed. I love seeing a big (big for me at least) amount of money in my checking account. Yes, I know, I just gave the government an interest free loan for a year but let me enjoy this, ok? ;)

That was last Friday. Now, it is gone.

My checking account was rich for one day exactly.

What Happened?

$2,621.17 of the tax refund has gone to pay off the Chase Sapphire Card's total balance. The Discover More Card will be my next target. That's $11,955 more debt to go!

The remaining amount (~$1,500) has gone to the ING Direct/Capital One Savings Account to kick start the Emergency Fund again. I'll be needing every cent of it once the time for my surgery rolls around, when I would be without a paycheck for a month (Hopefully, less).

As much as I'd love to put all towards my much needed emergency fund, I couldn't resist paying off the credit card with highest interest, especially when its total amount fits well within the tax refund. It's one less payment that I would have to worry about each month.

The Debt Progress Bar will be modified to reflect the change. Yay! Tiny steps, Tiny Steps....


  1. I bet it was great to have a $4000 on your account. But you did a good thing. Many would let themselves relax and spend a couple or two hundreds of dollars while you did not. You should really be proud of yourself. You know, I got stucked with my direct payday loan providers because of being not able to return my debts, so this this year I am looking forward to pay off all of my debts with tax return. My husband and I have filed for a joint tax return and I can tell you that we are planning to spend each cent by taking care of our debts

  2. Thanks for sharing, that tax return must have been nice!! I have been trying to save some money after I got into an accident and have been going through the Structured Settlement process. I am trying to save as much as I can. Great post, thanks again!