Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Importance Of Being Healthy

The Importance of Being Healthy has never been more apparent to me now. I have been taking unpaid sick leave since I have gotten sick and it needs to stop now before I get behind on bills and add back the debt I have paid off so far.

On the other hand, coming into work while being feverish is not a smart thing to do either since it delays my recovery time and it is also unfair to my co-workers although I do have my own office and my physical interaction with them is kept to a bare minimum.

I hope things look better soon because since Christmas holidays, I have been pretty much through out. I got sick, then got better, and now, I'm sick again. The same respiratory illness. Vitamin C, nasal rinse, and multi-vitamins haven't been helping much during the non-sick periods.

I hope everyone else is doing good with their health.

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