Friday, February 01, 2013

Surgery Ahead!

Bad News Come In Clusters....I am 100% at fault

I have been missing alot of work lately due to health problems and there is a surgery looming ahead, which will take approximately 4-6 weeks to recover.

I have been missing pay due to me being paid hourly and the 4-6 weeks of recovery time from surgery will be unpaid as well.

What does this mean to my goals of Credit Card Debt Payment & Emergency Fund Building?


As much as I would love to pay down that pesky $2,577.00 remaining balance on One of the credit cards I owe on with my tax refund, it looks like I have to save this tax refund for the unpaid medical leave period.

Any amount of money I can save from this point on until the surgery will be used to pay for fixed expenses.

In addition, I have had to stop contributing to the 401K plan starting with the next pay check, which I don't mind as much since I had been contemplating on reducing the contribution amount and instead, contributing to a Roth IRA account.

I am just going to have to hang in and bite the bullet for the next six months and after that, I hope that things will start to look better.

On the other hand, to those that left encouraging comments on previous posts, I appreciate all the encouragement I can get right now and I would like to thank you for all the nice comments!

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