Friday, January 18, 2013

Credit Card Debt Pay Off Progress Jan 2013

Credit Card Debt Pay Off Progress: January 2013

Since November, 2012, I've paid down $1,454 toward the $16,000 credit card debt. That is alot of money put towards the credit card debt for me but I haven't been able to build up my Emergency Fund at all.

My next step with the Credit Card Debt pay off plan is:

I think I will get around $4,000 in tax refunds this year and once I receive the tax refund money, I plan to pay off the Chase Sapphire Card, which currently sits at $2,737 and save the remaining money to kick of the Emergency Funds savings.

I need to get rid of the high interest Chase Sapphire Card, which is at 15.99% APR, which approximately is adding on $30 plus dollars each month in interest.

On the top right corner of the blog, the Credit Card Debt Pay Off Bar now proudly sits at 9% paid off versus the 1% paid off that was reigning the Debt Progress Bar for a while there.

Here is to taking pride in small steps!


  1. Anonymous3:51 AM

    You should be really proud of yourslef. I also have a debt, but I feel sorry for myself from time to time (I have extremely cut my expenses) that I allow to have some "spoil me time" sometimes. Thanx god I am not using payday loans anymore. I know that I should forget about it until my credit cards are paid off. As for the emergency fund, I have set a rule for myself: put aside $10 everyday. Sometimes I put five, but no matter what my emergency fund is growing all the time.

  2. Great progress so far on your pay off credit card goal! You are certain to have success for the simple reason that you are blogging about this and putting yourself out there. Good luck on getting those stupid credit cards paid off sooner rather than later!