Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013 New Year With New Problems?

I'd hate to start off the new 2013 year with something negative but I kicked off this new year with urgent need for getting my car pass the smog test, which involved the replacement of the Oxygen Sensor, and new tires.

The tires can no longer be ignored. The front tires are showing metal wires even. Walmart has 14" tires for $73 each. It is just discouraging because I was planning to save $900 in December but this money will be used to pay for the four tires and the Oxygen sensor, smog test, and DMV fees.

Total Estimate Cost:

4 tires @ $73 each (plus Sales Tax) = $318
1 smog check = $20
1 Oxygen Sensor = $84
DMV fees, etc = $122
Gasoline costs *Rounded Up*= $90

Luckily, I was able to get Oxygen Sensor including manual labor at $84 due to the mechanic being a friend of a friend, although I am not sure how much of a saving it is since the car had to be taken to Palm Springs, which is a 2.5 hour drive from where I am. The car had to be taken twice to Palm Springs; the first visit was for the diagnosis and ordering of the Oxygen Sensor and the second visit was for the installation. The gasoline costs are estimated at around $90 for both trips - two fill ups.

It's only been the second day into the New Year and I have spent $634 on automobile expenses.

I have to make sure that the utilities, excluding internet and phone, are paid this week also, which should be around $125 total.

The actual amount saved for December 2012: $141
The originally planned amount: $900

Such a wonderful beginning to a new year!

I hope this doesn't continue and I can actually accumulate a six month emergency fund by June 2013 before I go full force into the remaining credit card debt. It's discouraging when things like this come up.

I hope everyone else's 2013 started off with debt reductions!

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