Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Out of a Job!

I am currently out of a job! It doesn't help that I was sick for two weeks but I have been severely depressed about the situation. I have already exhausted my $4,000 emergency fund (I also had car troubles that reduced the emergency fund earlier)since I had to use it to pay my mortgage.

I am furiously applying for jobs in the environmental field but I have little hope that I would be paid the same amount. It would probably be $30,000/yr less but at this point, I am desperate for any job. I am going to have to use credit cards to buy interview clothes too. I am even thinking about getting any job, such as a retail job, just so that we do not starve and pay for lights, food, gas, etc. In addition, emergency surgeries had resulted a large medical debt that I had financed some on credit cards and some directly with the hospital. It's around $30,000. This is not including the $13,000 credit card debt that remains still(original amount was $15,000 when I took this loan out late last year).

So, the currently debt stands at around $45,000 and climbing due to the job situation. I pray that I can find a job soon but it's been a long time since I had been unemployed and can not help but feel hopeless. It is amazing how things can go from manageable to disastrous. The subject of declaring bankruptcy had entered my mind, of course. However, I do not want to declare bankruptcy unless I can't find a job for more than six months at least. I want to at least fight for getting a normal life back and pay back what I owe.

I just have to remember to not implode! I will update the debt progress and emergency fund pages soon with all the breakdowns.

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