Thursday, February 27, 2014

Shopping for Interview Clothes

Finally, some much needed rain! Severe drought in Southern California has had everyone and the media in a frenzy the last few weeks. It's not nearly enough but it's something.

Today, I am planning to go to TJ MAXX and Nordstrom Rack to buy a couple of work outfits. I'm dreading this because I'll be putting it all on credit card but I need the cash to pay utility bills and other necessities. Plus, I've always hated clothes shopping (was the make up shopaholic).

I even looked at salvation army yesterday to see if they had anything work appropriate. It was hard to find my size and alot of the items were pretty worn down....not something interview worthy. Also, the local "thrift" stores in OC have items that the same price as TJ MAXX sale items,, I might as well shop at TJ MAXX, Ross, etc. There is supposed to be one consignment shop in Newport Beach, that is reportedly big and cheap for good quality clothing (from all the rich people in the area, I presume). It's called "Consignment Attic". I heard that it has a pretty good selection of couches as well and I'm trying to ignore our sofa with peeling and frayed upholstery. I just need to focus on getting interview outfits.

I'm using this personal blog to help me write out thoughts and calm myself down (i get stressed out easier than most people i think). There might be quite a few frustrated and depressing posts down the line...yes, even more than I try to get through this.

Current debt = $48,000 Emergency Savings = $0 Job = 0

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