Friday, March 01, 2013

Side Income: Makeup

Is it crazy to think of doing makeup on people as a side income? Let me rephrase; Is it crazy to think about doing this because I love makeup although there are better side income ideas in the field that I work in?

I am an environmental professional (I don't call myself a scientist because I do not do field research). I know there are side income opportunities that could exist in the environmental field.

However, lately, I really just do not want to deal with work after work hours. I know I need to correct this behavior and keep myself updated on various certifications/qualifications/barf barf.


Instead, I have been doing things that I love doing, which are writing short stories (I sold a poem for $3..definitely not doing it for the money) and playing around with makeup. I am now thinking that maybe I can practice my makeup skills more and ask my photographer friend if he can refer or attach me to some of his amateur photo shoots. Of course, I would not be able to ask for any money in the beginning... but just for a copy of his portrait shoots, as a way of building a portfolio of "Looks". This "could" turn into a small side income stream much later on but it is still in the day dream stage currently.

A female friend of mine has a casual photo shoot on March 16th, which I am hoping she would let me play around with her makeup for the shoot. If it goes well and if she allows me, I'm posting the facial beauty shot on here!

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