Friday, March 01, 2013

First Sale!

Selling stuff on


My DVDs and PS3 Games sold on! Finally! I know this may seem like nothing, but I really didn't think anyone would want to buy my crap that I listed on

Here is my Seller's Storefront if anyone is interested: OC Budget's Storefront  (In HUGE font size, just in case. Ha ha!)

As you can see I do not have that many items listed for sale since except for makeup related items, I really don't possess many things that I don't use or love. I'm going to try and find more things that I can sell since selling used makeup items (which i have too much of) are out of the question.

However, this morning, when I checked my Amazon account:

I sold three items overnight! One book and two old PS3 games. I'm getting $54.22 for these three sales on paper but with shipping costs, $41.00 is what I am getting back from the sales. Amazon charges alot of fees. You can see it on the table above the amount of fees they charge (not counting shipping). They charged over 15 dollars! It's still not that bad, considering these were things that I haven't touched/played/read for a long time now.

I still have other books and PS3 games on sale, as well as four different box sets of Korean Mini drama series that I had bought a few years ago that I never really got into. It's the craze right now and I'm hoping that they will sell. One of the box sets is going for $200! However, I have mine listed as $49.99 since most of the other sellers have it listed in this range, except for that $200 seller. 

The only problem is I am a brand new seller and that usual means that other professional sellers would get the sale before I do. Last night, someone had put in an order for one of the box sets, only to cancel it a few minutes later, and I'm assuming it is because I don't have any feedback ratings yet.

Does anyone have any experience selling crap that you no longer use/need on that you can give pointers to me?

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