Monday, December 03, 2012

Reducing Spending on Gas

Reducing Spending on Gas: Ridesharing

I need to reduce the amount of money I spend on gasoline.

I spend on average $350 on gas each month since I commute pretty far to and from work. I am also stuck in traffic for one hour and a half (1.5) hours per trip, totaling to three (3)hours per trip.... that is if there are no accidents.

My partner also needs to commute to his school, which happens to be an hour away from the new place. Since, I am the head of the household in terms of income and pay for his commuting costs, my gas bill each month is edging near $400.

I've looked into metrolink's montly passes and while it saves money slightly, the travel time will be 3.5 hours due to there being no direct rail lines from my area to work.

Finding other ways to possibly reduce gas spending, I signed up for a free carpool listing at I had just signed up so I will keep track of my experiences with it and if it is, indeed, easy to find a reliable rideshare partner who will help me reduce spending on gas to determine what the pros and cons of being in a carpool group.

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  1. Anonymous5:50 AM

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