Sunday, December 02, 2012

Finding Cheap Things To Do In Orange County

Finding Cheaps Things to Do in Orange County

I watch alot of TV.

Actually, I should say I watch alot of Netflix since we don't have cable and don't miss it. Need less to say that I have gained quite a few pounds.

However, now that we moved back into South Orange County area, we are taking advantage of the olympic size and heated (!!) pools, tennis courts, greenbelt areas great for biking and rollerblading, sand volleyball court, wetlands with bike trails within 3 minutes walking distance, and bike trails leading to the Newport Back Bay.

Notice the bike theme? I did and my biggest purchase from the Black Friday Sale was a bicycle. My partner already owns one so, I figured we should finally put it to good use and give it some company.

I bought a cheap mountain bike for $69 from Walmart.  Nothng fancy but will serve our purpose of spending time together away from the television.

We also got two used but still functional (strings do not need tuning yet) tennis rackets and a cardboard box full of old tennis balls. They still have pretty good bounce and are great for practicing. We got these for free from my sister. They have a ton of rackets and balls. We are a tennis family with the exception of me. My tennis lessons during my youth never made me into a professional tennis player. :)

I am not going to make a goal of weight loss because I want this to be a fun change in our lives and not something I have to force myself to do.

Cheap and easy things in Orange County aren't hard to find after all!

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