Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Net Worth January 3, 2006

Assets/Liabilities 01/04/06

Checking $145.00
Emigrant Direct Savings $17,513.67
American Funds Roth IRA $2,837.57
457-b plan $2,485.61
Taxable American Funds Account $10,427.24
Fidelity Rollover IRA $2,649.40
Account Receivables $410.00

TOTAL Assets $36,058.49
Citibank Dividend Card $790.66
Utilities $70.57
Verizon $60.49
Rent $500

TOTAL Liabilities $1,421.72

NET WORTH $34,636.77
Account receivables consist of money that's owed to me from a friend as well as the undeposited citibank dividend rewards check, a reimbursement check from work, an account refund check from my phone/internet provider, and a birthday money check. This does not yet include business receivables amount.
I charge everything I can on my citibank dividend card and will be using it to charge the verizon and utilities bills as well.
Most of my credit card bill this month is primarily comprised of grocery/restaurant purchases, medical co-payments, gift purchases, houseware purchases, gas fills (no longer reimbursed...argh!), and a AAA club membership renewal. I pay off the monthly payment on time to get the most out of the dividend card's rewards program and start with a fresh slate every 13th day of each month.


  1. Congrats on ending positive going into the new year. I will include your data to the following graph shortly.


  2. I am invested in American Funds myself and they have performed quite well over the past 2 years. Luckily, I get to waive the loads thanks to family connections. But I suggest you look elsewhere if you can't have those 5% loads waived.