Friday, November 30, 2012

Money Spent on Condo Repairs

Money Spent on Condo Repairs:

1) Minor repairs, equipment, and installations such as electrical switch covers, (3) carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, a stabilizer (added security) for one of the closets, nails, screws, and repair of one recessed lighting fixture in the guest bathroom

$179 (Ace Hardware)

2) Garbage Disposal Unit from Amazon

$52 (I used a $5 amazon gift card)

3) Installation of Garbage Disposal Unit

$125  (I should have agreed with my boyfriend to have him install it rather than have a handyman do this. It would have been free installation for something simple as this. Next time, next time!)

4) The hot water in the condo stopped working in the master bathroom

$300 (Current Quote. Exact Cost To Be Determined by Tomorrow)

The handyman who installed the disposal unit was supposed to fix this since he was a plumber as well. But, he had no clue. So, I am hiring a more professional plumbing company to go there tomorrow. Expensive. Since I'm going to have to take care of work issues this weekend and the boyfriend will be studying for his finals, I'm going to have to swallow this cost.

Total Cost of Condo Repairs this month = $656.00

All this for the condo whose current incoming rent is only partially subsidizing for the condo's mortgage/property tax/insurance/HOA costs.

Will there ever be a day without problems and setbacks?? It seems like whatever little money I make, there's always something to take it all back.

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