Monday, December 05, 2005

December 5, 2005 Net Worth Update

My Net Worth increased a little bit, mainly because:

  • The Rollover was completed from a former 401K plan into the Fidelity Rollover IRA, resulting in the $2,608 showing up in my net worth update. Thus, it's not that I was able to save miraculously well this month.... I just forgot to put the rollover IRA amount in the last net worth update. In a way, I kind of cheated!
  • The stock market doing very well in November, bringing up slightly the amount that has been newly and automatically deferred into the new job's 457K plan.

AssetsChecking $ 280.09
Emigrant Direct Savings $ 15,857.35
American Funds Roth IRA $ 2,497.94
457K plan $ 1,233.94
Taxable American Funds Account $ 10,168.42
Fidelity Rollover IRA $ 2,608.00
TOTAL Assets $ 32,645.74
Credit Cards
Citibank Dividend Card $ 915.71

TOTAL Liabilities $ 915.71
NET WORTH $ 31,730.03

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  1. I recently started graphing the net worth for various PF bloggers (with the help of Personal Finance Advice), I would be interested in including yours if you would like. To get you up to date, please send over your net worth data for the past four months.