Sunday, November 06, 2005

An Odd Money Opportunity

Yesterday, I received an odd money opportunity. I found out, also, that even though I really want money to help with the downpayment fund, there are certain limits to where I'll go.

An acquaintance of mine, a former house mate, phoned me and asked me if I will be open to an illegal marriage to a friend of hers. He will get to stay in the country and I will get ~$20,000 in exchange. I will have to be married for three years. I believe she's asking all her single friends.

I'd like to think that I'm worth more than $20,000, but it took me a whole five minutes to say "No". Alot of reasons; self-respect, buying a small apartment in two years (which i don't want it to be in his name as well), the crime being a FELONY, and loads more.

$20,000 would have still helped out and I scared myself for taking that much time to say have actually considered it an option because of the money.


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  2. Good choice! Actually a Federal Felony, and one that could've gotten you tangled up with Homeland Security, as that's one way to get terrorists into the county. There's also the fact that there would have been several people who would have had the 'goods' on you, so blackmail, or simply turning you in for a reward should one be offered in the future would have been real nightmare options also.

    Are you familar with a simple Risk Analysis Matrix? I'm about to start an exploration of the concept of 'risk' over on my blog, and, if you didn't mind, would like to link to your story and show how a simple decision matrix could have been helpful in making such binary decisions.

    Congrats for dodging not just a bullet, but a 2,000 lb. bomb!

  3. Good Call!!!

    Never, never, never, never (did I say never - I mean never, ever, ever never!) get into a legal union with another party that you are not 100% sure of. That means marriage, business partnership, home ownership, heck rental car share.

    Marrying for money is a really stupid and desperate thing to do and I am glad you resisted the temptation of the quick buck.

    I guarantee that $20,000 would have cost you a heck of a lot more over your life-time.

  4. Belasarius and Jane,

    Thanks for the great helpful advice! Bel, you can link to my story, of course. I am not familiar with risk analysis matrix but I will definitely learn from your posts concerning it. I'm just a lowly environmentalist.

    Jane, definitely, the more I think about it, I am very happy that I dodged this very stupid temptation!!

  5. You definitely made the right choice, there. I hope the individual finds a better way to stay in the country, though.

  6. jaybew996:56 AM

    I guess the union would have brought down your housing, clothing and food expenses. A stint in federal custody is free! ;-)

  7. Now that's an unusual proposition. I can honestly say I've never had a question like that. I'm glad too, because, like you, I might have thought about it longer than I should have.


  8. I thought most women married for money! ;-)

  9. Smart move. That was one money making scheme that was well worth avoiding.