Friday, November 04, 2005

Financial Planning Workshop

Financial Planning Workshops

I signed up for a financial planning workshop that's offered through work yesterday. The financial planner doing the seminar is a regular financial planning advisor who writes for the Orange County Register. The seminar is scheduled for November 10, 2005. Hopefully, good information tidbits will come from the workshop.

Also, I'm looking into enrolling in flexible spending accounts with AFLAC that's offered through work. The main reason is that I recently found out that I have medical problems and this 2005-2006 year is expected to a high cost year in terms of medical costs. I might have to go through multiple surgeries and medical procedures plus specialist visits and prescription co-payments. I know it makes sense to enroll in a flexible spending account to keep the true medical costs down due to its pre-tax feature. But, my side consulting business has been slow for the last couple of months and I'm finding it hard to deduct money ahead of time for forecasted medical expenses.

Basically, the irrational mind is reigning queen. On November 19, 2005, there's a workshop with AFLAC that's going to explain more about the services they offer and the rational me has signed me up for it.

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