Thursday, May 08, 2014

Verizon Wireless's final bill

Now that I'm happily with Republic Wireless, Verizon Wireless has sent their final bill to me. 

$134 is the final bill!

This month is the last month that I'll have to pay over $100 for our cell phones per month and I am so happy that I finally made the jump. We needed to get new phones since our 8 year old beaten up phones were not working properly anymore anyway. Ex, Rob's the volume keys didn't work and my phone's not holding a complete charge, etc. So, switching to Republic Wireless wasn't as painful as it might have been if we were to leave nice smartphones behind to buy their specific Moto X phones.

Nonetheless, it was painful to see $600 go towards phones since it would be the first time that we had to pay for a phone. Ours always had been free phones since the day we had cell phones.

Anyway, Goodbye Verizon and your $100+ monthly cell phone bills!

Oh, I upgraded my Republic Wireless plan from $10 to $25 plan because I'm silly and want to be able to check out social apps to keep in touch with family. The final bill still would be (next month) around $55 for two unlimited everything cell phone plans.

So far, we're like two kids in the candy store for the first time and exploring the new world of 2014 (LOL!) with its fancy smancy apps. Family and friends have shaken their heads at me, saying "Welcome to 2005", hahaa.


  1. What network does Republic Wireless use? Only AT&T and Verizon are good here.

    1. Hi ND

      They use sprint towers which aren't as many or good as Verizon especially if you don't live in metropolitan areas. It fits us fine for now and if we live in a rural area later on or travel a lot, we can always switch back. So far no complaints *crosses fingers*