Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Struggle With Debt

Since I started this blog, it has mainly been about creating an online personal space where I can talk about anything personal finance. It is often odd to talk about finances with friends and it may be be viewed by the other party as "tacky" to talk about money. It shouldn't be but sometimes, it is the way it is. As a result, this blog is the only place where I have been the most candid about my journey. And what a see-saw of a journey! Full of human weaknesses and unexpected problems!

Since 2004, I started following quite a few personal finance blogs and it seems that everyone who has started on the debt and financial freedom journeys have had near perfect track record on paying down their debt and saving for the future. Each month goes according to the budget planned (almost every month). No human weaknesses like me. I have an addictive personality and it has been a challenge trying to suppress it and recover from my mistakes.I began to see personal finance bloggers as almost perfect human beings with strong willful characters. What they plan to do gets achieved within a time frame that they have laid out ahead. Across most PF blogs that I have come across, I have not found a blogger who may not have made the right choices along the way but are struggling to get back on the personal finance journey. I like the Manvsdebt blog because I can relate to Jane and her journey. She has her ups and her downs/setbacks just like the people I know in the real world.

Could I be the only person who has made plenty of mistakes on this personal finance journey or is there anyone out there struggling and fighting along their journeys?

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