Friday, August 23, 2013

Debt Payoff Progress: August 2013 Update

I am happy to say that one of the credit card balances, the Chase Slate Card, has been paid off!

The debt balance paid off in August 2013 is $1,799.49 *Cheers*.

Next month, September 2013, however, will be a much tighter month moneywise and not much money will be going towards debt payment. I am pretty sure that it will be just a bare bones minimum payment month unless I miraculously get a wad of money from the sky. The reasons are:

I have a surgery that is coming up next week which will leave me with approximately $900 less from a paycheck because partly, it will be an unpaid medical leave (surgery and recover time is about 3 weeks if I am lucky).

In addition, we have a car insurance bill upcoming as well as my mom's going away present (I'm buying her a 2TB portable external hard me, this is what she wanted, haha!), and my car's 60,000 miles checkup and oil change (it's going to be expensive). September 2013 month would be pretty stagnant in terms of the debt pay off progress due to these reasons.

So, I'm very happy to have been able to pay off $1,799.49 this month. The Debt Meter updated on the front page.


  1. I am pretty sure you will be able to reach 100% of your emergency fund very shortly. I hope you will recover fast once you are done with your surgery and get back to achieve your goal in become debt free early

  2. Reborn776:46 PM

    Thank you so much, Rita. I am on day two of recovery from surgery and I didn't expect to hurt this much, ahha!