Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No BUY Season

One of my favorite things to buy is make up.  At one point, I even collected makeup and different special editions that a lot of makeup companies produce with frilly designs to tempt women like me into thinking that I must collect it. A collection for each season. A makeup pokemon craze, almost.

Now, I don't buy as much as I used to but the desire is still there. I have tried to tell myself that if I buy low end drugstore makeup instead of high end makeup, I am saving money. I just end up buying more "deals" that end up being the amount of one high end item.

I really didn't need two more mascaras or eye shadow quads. I'm staring at them now and the CVS receipt.

No more Makeup until next summer, drugstore or high end. I could say no more make up forever but that'd be denial on my part. Next summer..until then, it is the No Buy Season for makeup!

I know most people won't understand why this should be difficult but here it is. Another 2013 goal.


  1. Although I don't understand the urge to buy makeup, I like your comparison about it being like a collection, like Pokemon cards. I remember I was crazy about collecting those cards back in the day and had to convince myself to stop blowing my allowance on a new pack every week. Although I don't put them on my face, I get what you're after here. My 2013 goal: live frugally so I can pay for my education in cash. Looks like I'll be eating Top Ramen for a while :/

  2. Thank you, Gordon. We all have our own obsessions and collections in some form or the other.

    I hope both you and I will complete our 2013 goals!