Friday, July 21, 2006

15% Discount on Verizon Wireless Monthly Plan

After many months of "encouraging" my employer to allow me to be the 25% discount agreement that the employer has with Verizon Wireless, I've finally given up on that idea. Instead, I obtained a general employee discount form and faxed in the 15% employee discount application to Verizon. Two days after I had faxed the two pager, consisting of a front fax cover page that Verizon provides, another page with my employer contact information, and a copy of my employee identification card, I received an email notification that I've been approved and thus, will bee seeing the 15% discount applied to next month's bill.

Of course, the easier route would be to verify your eligibility through Verizon Wireless website and apply on the website your work email address, however, my employer's got an annoying firewall protection, and I wasn't able to get any emails from Verizon to my work email. Faxing wasn't much of a hassle, and the response turn around time was great!

That'll be a total savings of ....get ready.......six bucks a month!!!!
I wish that there's some sarcasm involved in that last statement but I'll be honest, I'm appreciating those six bucks.

So if you have Verizon as your wireless carrier, check out if you're qualified for an employee discount at Verizon and register your cell line.