Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mini Getaway In New Mexico & SW Colorado


Air ticket = Free + $10 processing fee (Thank you, frequent flyer miles)
Four day car rental with AAA discount = $ 129.00
Three nights stay at various budget stays = $110.00
Food = $20
Gas= ~$30
Various buys (posters, prints, books, etc, mainly about Mesa Verde National Park) = $80

Getting severely sick on first day of vacation, being rushed to the emergency room, and then IV dripped for three of the four days of "getaway" in a lonely hospital room in a remote New Mexio town..................



  1. Oh No Poe! That is terrible :( Hope you are feeling better

  2. that is a total bummer!

  3. thats awful!

    are you being facetious or did that really happen.

  4. Anonymous11:54 AM

    I guess getting sick explains how you only spent $20 on food for four days, but yikes!

  5. Yeappers... I'm sorry to say that that really happened. I have the worst luck. At least, I have today off and am finally getting over the exhaustion. I'm feeling alot better and can eat normally but at smaller portions now. Thanks!!

  6. Just curious what part of NM were you visiting. Health care is pretty sorry in the rural areas of NM and CO.

  7. I was in northern/northwestern NM...actually, health care...the emergency staff at the hospital I was at were much much better, nicer, and quicker than any doctors I've had in contact with. Due to a medical condition (different) that I'm sorting through now, I've had alot of contact with doctors lately and they have not been my favorite type of people. But, that NM emergency staff was fast with their treatment and they did it with such professionalism and warmth, I was very impressed.