Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The DVD Splurge of the Month

For a few years now, I have kept a list of DVDs/movies I want to buy and own sometime in the future. This "To Own" list has become a rather long list. But whenever I give in to the urge to buy something (arrgh..I must control thee!), I tend to go over to Blockbuster's and search for any of movies I've put on my "want" list on their "get 3 DVDs for $25 dollar deal" shelves (available with previously viewed DVDs).

While I'm aware that $25 to spend on movies at any one time is expensive, I try to find three that are already on my list. Also, there are usually recent big releases in the pre-viewed section as well. Last night, I got Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sin City -Extended Edition (whoever traded it in....Thank you..Thank you!!!), and Empire Falls miniseries for $25.00.

Not bad if you're patient, don't mind browsing every single row, can adhere to buying only the ones you really want, and have time on your hands.


  1. Anonymous10:14 AM

    How up to date are you on your movie watching? I'm about your age, but for the last five years, I haven't visited a theater regularly. I really can't justify the expence.

    However, I have been hitting garage sales and thrift stores with my bf. We've been finding old video collections from the late 90's for about 50 cents a video. It seems that everyone wants to switch to DVDs these days and is trying to liquidate their videos.

    ...And my personal prejudice is the 1980s probably produced the best films of any ten year span.

  2. Hi Poe! I got your post. Before I blurt something out, I'm going to read over your blog. Give me about a week and I'll get back with you with some ideas. I promise!

  3. Anon,
    with movie watching, I'd say I'm relatively up to date....the last time I watched a movie was about one month ago. I don't watch movies as much as alot of people I know, but I'd say I do watch one movie per two month period.

    The garage sales/thrift stores as sources of cheap videos is a great idea, actually. Thanks for the tip!

    I'm not sure about the movies of 1980s...but the MUSIC...who can beat that!! Give me eighties music any night!

    Thanks and I hope I'm not troubling you too much!