Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Frugal Dating

The cost of dating in Orange County or anywhere else can be high. The cost of courtship and keeping up appearances can add up fast.
However, there are some cheap date ideas that I've used with the last few dating adventures that seemed to have worked well.

>> Once, I asked a guy I dated if we can meet up at a small local farmer's market on our first date.

Browsing through stalls and munching on fresh fruit as you get to know one another can be fun. This particular farmer's market was small enough to not charge any admission fees.

>> Propose a walk around a local park or a hike in a nearby national forests, which may end with a rewarding picnic near a waterfall or swimming hole at the end of the hike.

This actually worked very well. We got to know each other's lives extremely well as we bonded over profuse sweating and comfortable clothes. The need for keeping up appearances has basically been eliminated. You're there just as you are without any make up or nice clothes. You get health incentives and if he sticks around after seeing you at your worst during the hike/walk, he just might be a good one! :).

Examples: Red Rock Trail at Whiting Ranch in Lake Forest, Modjeska Canyon, or any hiking trails off the Ortega Highway on 5-South are wonderful places to visit.

>> Free poetry nights or open mic nights at local popular coffee shops, such as Gypsy Den in Costa Mesa, are fun and you get to meet interesting people.

>> Star watching along a beach. Example: Doheny State Beach's Ocean Institute's rear area.

>> Your local Community Theatres/Playhouses!!! Usually around $7 to $15 per person for a play with a close knit feel.

>> Some bars have free dance lessons before peak time (usually 10 p.m). This is a great idea unless you have two left feet like me. I will not try this again on a first date for obvious reasons. :).

I'm sure there are alot more cheap date ideas but I have had a very long day at work, so, my brain is only half-activated while my bed is acting as a neural disruptor, causing episodes of narcolapsy.

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  1. These are really great ideas. I have been looking for ways for my hubby and i to save money and still have fun. Star gazing keeps coming up and I enjoy this very much. #1 on my list.