Saturday, October 22, 2005

San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

I'm not sure if everyone knows about how great this place is. No parking fees/recreational fees. There's a couple of big picnic tables. There are meandering flat trails circling many settling ponds with loads of wetland vegetation. You almost get the tolkian feeling as you walk along the trail. Bring binoculars since you'll be seeing a variety of birds. I'm not an avid bird watcher but this place definitely has plenty of wildlife for the avid and the beginners.

It's located on Riparian Way in Irvine, California. Drive down the small road until you see San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary on the right and turn into it. Park. Walk past the Audubon Society house and The Duck Club, and you'll see the trail head. You can begin with a half mile trail or a 1.45 mile loop trail or walk around the sanctuary, which I havn't tried yet, but might be around about a three mile loop.

Definitely something to check out for the budget minded people who still want to spend a nice saturday with friends or family in a natural setting.


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  2. Anonymous7:51 PM

    It's amazing not too many people know about it? I live in Irvine so I ride my bike past the Santuary all the time on the way to UCI.