Sunday, October 30, 2005

Income Range

I was browsing through OC Register online the other day and I found an article that had a survey about people in Orange County and their SALARIES.

As I browsed, I found out, not surprised, that I'm on the lower range of the income levels in Orange County. Nothing new, of course. I'm hoping this blog will help me keep my focus of saving money and spending less, while I keep track of my personal finance self-educational efforts.

A feng-shui consultant earns over $100,000/year. A cocktail waitress earns approximately mid $40,000. Of course, the engineers, business consultants, entrepreneurs, and doctors earn the most on the list.

One surprise though; I found a fellow colleague that I've met during work meetings on the survey!!! He did the same job junctions as me and the article states that he earns $60,000! Hmmmmm!!!! He stated in the article that he would do the job even if he doesn't get paid for it. I have respect for him for saying that. Although I do love my job more than alot of people in the world would admit about their jobs, I don't think that I would do it if I don't get paid for it.

I'm female and I get paid $50,000/year. He's female and he gets paid $60,000. Hmmm!!


  1. Anonymous7:35 PM

    U R young, single and making good money and have a positive net worth while most people UR age are up to their eyeballs in credit card debt.

  2. Anonymous3:29 AM

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