Thursday, March 13, 2014

Amazon Prime Increases Fee to $99 Per Year

Amazon Prime is great for people who have online shops, etc, because of their unlimited two-day shipping. I actually prefer netflix streaming over Amazon streaming. I found out today that Amazon is increasing their annual membership price from $79 to $99. Also, I found out that the student membership will increase from $10 to $49 per year.

My mom has an Amazon Prime account that she uses mainly for her Kindle's lending library....which i thought was abit much for one free book per month. Now, that it's $99, maybe she would finally drop Amazon Prime. She never ships anything or buy anything from Amazon anyway.

I think you still have some time to sign up at the old rate. So, if you need this service, I'd sign up soon!


  1. ElementalUnity11:08 AM

    I like Amazon streaming, but yes netflix has a better interface. But there are many shows that Amazon has that Netflix doesn't. Just gotta weigh the pros and cons

  2. Debtgirl11:07 PM

    This really sucks!!!! Sorry to hear it!