Thursday, December 26, 2013

Free Movie on Christmas Eve??

Since my entire family is on a month-long vacation and my S.O.'s family live in Texas (plus we have no kids), this 2013 Christmas was anticipated to be quite boring. However, we decided to go to a free movie screening! It was an up and coming sci-fi movie that is scheduled to premiere in 2014. We were part of a focus group to watch an unedited version of the movie with an in-depth survey and questionnaire after the movie.

Since it was an unedited version, it ran quite long (3 hours) but since we are both sci-fi geeks, we had such great and free fun. Not bad for free entertainment in exchange for our opinions and time.

It was just happenstance that we got the invitation for the focus group...we were just window shopping in a very busy outdoor mall near the movie theater when we were given the flyer.

All in all, it was a great movie but unfortunately, we are prohibited to discuss anything about it online either. Just wanted to share that we actually did something frugal this christmas gift exchange..just free fun especially since our christmas eve was going to be quite a boring one this year!

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