Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 2011 Net Worth Update

Net Worth Update: May 2011

It was looking pretty good for a while there with market gains, then there've been a few days of straight losses, so the update is not a great as it looked at the beginning of the month. Although my property value is in the dumps (~ 49% drop), I have finally been able to reach into the positive territory in terms of Net Worth.


The $2,000.00 in the Bank of America Cash Maximizer Savings Account is not accurate since the actual amount is couple hundred dollar and some change more than that the stated amount but I wanted to keep an even figure. This account is my mom's account and she's keeping that money safe for me in the mean time until I have need of it.

Although there is a tiny bit of credit card debt, this is paid off before the monthly due date to avoid finance charges. I maintain some direct bills on the credit card in order to make sure I have some cash available before the next paycheck comes around as well as to earn some cash back credits on the credit card.  I'm still credit card debt free!

Current Considerations:
I'm currently considering opening a brokerage account with Trade King htttp://www.tradeking.com for fun. I am currently interested in buying a few shares of either Sodastream (SODA) or PANL (a manufacturer of OLEDs). This will not be used to retirement but just as an experiment.

Here is the Net Worth as of May 24, 2011:

$285,131.14    Total Assets
$9,381.80        Total Cash
$6,183.62        ING DIRECT Emergency Savings Account #1
$775.13           ING DIRECT Emergency Savings Account #2
$2,000.00        Bank of America Cash Maximizer Savings Account
$294.48           Bank of America Keep The Change Savings Account
$109.30           Bank of America Checking Account
$15.30             Chase Bank Checking Account
$3.93               Chase Bank Savings Account
$114,249.34    Total Investments
$74,276.60      Nationwide Retirement 401K Plan
$6,392.71        American Funds Roth IRA (Old)
$800.30           Vanguard Group Traditional IRA (Old)
$32,779.73      CAL PERS Retirement Account

-$267,425.96    Total Debts
–$76.36           Total Credit Card Debt
–$64.36           Citibank Thank You Preferred Credit Card
–$12.00           Bank of America Platinum Plus Credit Card
$0.00               Chase Slate Card
$0.00               Citibank Diamond Credit Card
–$105,849.60  Property Value
$161,500.00    Primary Residence (Zillow.com estimate)
–$267,349.60  Home Loan
___________________________________________________________$285,131.14 Total Assets
-$267,425.96 Total Debts

+$17,705.44 Net Worth

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  1. Very brave of you to list your net worth and all assets and expenses for all of us to see so we may learn about budgeting and so forth. I could never do it but I admire you.

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