Friday, January 20, 2006

Housing Maps and A Cheap Evening of Jazz

Searching for apartments, especially room rentals from a house, is quite easy and fun with Housing Maps ( I'm a visual person, so the location click feature is fabulous for me. The information source is pulled from Craiglist and with Google maps software, you get a visually clear picture of where apartment or room listings are in your county or anywhere else in the country. There's a room rental listing at $350 per month in Santa Ana, California that attracted my interest. But, after reading that I'd have to live in the living room of someone else's apartment, I decided that I'd need more privacy than having hanging bed sheets as walls can offer.
An Evening of Cheap Entertainment In O.C.:
Tonight, I'm thinking of going to a local jazz club/cafe, Steamers Cafe, which has a cover charge of $5.00 with a two drink minimum. Two cokes usually don't cost so much. The jazz acts they usually have are just phenomenal, but I used to go there mainly for the atmosphere. The small floor is teemed with several cozy and dimly lit tables with both young and old crowd enjoying the flow of music. In the past, I've found that particular venue to be a cheap way to unwind on a friday night with great entertainment value.
Either that or I play dungeon & dragons with my cat. :D

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  1. As long as the cat gets to be Dungeon Master... :)