Thursday, November 17, 2005

Friends & Money

"My open wallet" had recently done a post over at, discussing about the various issues of having friends who are at different income levels than you are. She had talked about a friend of hers, with whom she either has to pay or watch her spending style during the times they spend together.

I believe I was/am viewed as that kind of a friend by alot of my friends and family. Whenever, we go out and eat or plan a get-together, they always have to plan somewhere inexpensive and most of the time, they offer to pay for my half of the bill. Of course, I try to cover for myself with my own money, unless people take great offense to not accepting their money or if it's causing a big scene in the restaurant. They make three folds the money I make, so somehow, they feel this "duty" to be overly sensitive to my income level. I am grateful to have friends who are this nice, but for once, I just want to feel like a normal friend, the person they can genuinely feel comfortable with, even when we're eating out a fairly expensive restaurant or shopping. She can really shop and I really don't mind just window shopping! I really don't!

One day, I want to have a social life without having my friends/family feeling bad for me everytime.

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