Thursday, April 17, 2014

Saving on the cell phone bill

Needing to save on our monthly bills, one of the things that I  needed to save on was the Verizon cell phone bill, which has been incurring overage charges due to our current plans being only 700 minutes shared between the two phones. We have no land line so we definitely needed to an unlimited talk/text plan. 

I decided to finally get Republic Wireless cell phone service. Our new Smartphones, Moto X, are arriving on Monday! I can't wait! This will be the first time that I will own and operate a smartphone. The last two months, I had been paying $160 for our two lines at Verizon.  It takes a lot of calling when you're trying to find a job! Republic Wireless just posted my first statement and I'm so happy to a cell phone bill for two lines as low as this (the first bill statement is included after the page break): 


Monthly Total:$33.84
One-Time Total:$0.00
Invoice Total:$37.33
Payment: (Includes any available account credits)($37.33)
Balance Due:$0.00

Monthly Charges

Charge Detail
Moto X Wi-Fi + Cell Talk + Text Service Plan$9.67
Universal Lifeline Telephone Svc Charge (Wireless) - State (1.15%)$0.07
PUC Fee (Wireless) - State (0.18%)$0.02
CASF (Wireless) - State (0.46%)$0.03
CA Teleconnect Fund (Wireless) - State (0.59%)$0.04
CA High Cost Fund A (Wireless) - State (0.18%)$0.01
Utility Users Tax-Wireless(Business) - Local(1.50%)$0.15
Telecommunications Relay Surcharge (Cellular) - State (0.20%)$0.01
E911 (Wireless) - State (0.75%)$0.05
Fed USF Cellular - Federal (16.60%)$0.60
FCC Regulatory Fee (Wireless) - Federal (1.50%)$0.02
Moto X Wi-Fi + Cell + 3G Service Plan$24.17
Universal Lifeline Telephone Svc Charge (Wireless) - State (1.15%)$0.19
PUC Fee (Wireless) - State (0.18%)$0.05
CASF (Wireless) - State (0.46%)$0.07
CA Teleconnect Fund (Wireless) - State (0.59%)$0.10
CA High Cost Fund A (Wireless) - State (0.18%)$0.03
Utility Users Tax-Wireless(Business) - Local(1.50%)$0.39
Telecommunications Relay Surcharge (Cellular) - State (0.20%)$0.03
E911 (Wireless) - State (0.75%)$0.12
Fed USF Cellular - Federal (16.60%)$1.49
FCC Regulatory Fee (Wireless) - Federal (1.50%)$0.02
Monthly Subtotal:$33.84
Monthly Taxes:$3.49

I really like the simple layout of the statement. Total cost for two lines: $37.33!! I decided to the $10/month plan for me, which includes unlimited talk & text with wifi-only data. I have free wifi at work and of course, at home. I can always upgrade to unlimited data plan later if Republic Wireless works out. For my partner, i chose the $25/month plan, which includes unlimited talk & text with 3G data anywhere. All non-wifi calls and data will be through the Sprint network.

Now, friends tell me that sprint 3G is the slowest but I don't think we'll mind since we never used internet on our phones before and wouldn't know the difference. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss, i guess. We can always go with the $40/month plan that has 4G later on, which would still come out to cheaper than the $120/month plan that Verizon has, which has 2G limit on data usage. 

Republic Wireless has no brick and mortar locations but their website is very friendly to use and the community is great on feedback when you ask questions...if they're stupid questions.

I can't wait until monday...and hopefully, the service will be good with no dropped calls, etc.

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