Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

This year, we got a couple of free Turkeys from S.O's work so we decided to actually try cooking turkey this year and give the other turkey away to a homeless shelter. 

We got a small bag of carrots, a couple of onions, a bundle of celery, five potatoes, and tried our hand at cooking the turkey. Normally, we are awful chefs...I'm not just saying this to be modest but it's honest truth. But this turkey came out tasting great! Also, we made stuffing as well as potato, bacon, and green bean salad. Everything tasted so great and yummy, that it surprised my family when we rushed all the food over to my sister's house for a thanksgiving dinner. They're well aware of our cooking misadventures. 

We spent a total of less than $10, which fed a total of 7 people .... and there's still so much food left over!

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