Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Current Net Worth

Oct 2013 Net Worth

It's in the positive! The 457k plan has done very well in the past year (now, if only I didn't take out that $15,000 loan!). Currently, It is at approximately $140,000. The retirement plan at my work is at a little over $60,000. The long forgotton IRA and Roth IRA accounts are at around $15,000 combined.

Fortunately, my house has gained back a little of its value but it is still nowhere near what I had paid for 8 years ago. It is valued at $202,000. I still owe $261,000 on the loan. The house is in the red for $59,000.

Then, there's the $15,000 loan I have that is now at $14,500.

Total Net Worth: $141,000 in the positive!
If I want to factor in the hubby's net worth, it is around $250,000, but for simplicity's sake, I will just keep track of mine on here.

Now, I know that this figure is still below what a 35 year old should have amassed according to experts but I am just glad that we are seeing a positive!


  1. That stinks on your house value. Will that bounce back quickly now that the housing market is recovering? Good job on the increase.

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