Monday, December 10, 2012

Home Warranty Insurance

I am going through Home Warranty Insurance Quotes currently for coverage on my condo. The main thing I'd like to cover is the air-conditioning unit since the tenants have brought their own washer, dryer, and refridgerator. Recently, the garbage disposal has been replaced so, I doubt it would be an issue for a long time.

Also, I do want coverage for the plumbing system that the condo insurance does not cover. A lot of the times, it really feels as if the Condo property management tries to blame the unit owners for the faulty plumbing and wiring that this complex has. I don't have much faith in how much my condo insurance covers. I can not count the times that the plumbing has failed and we are treated as criminals....only to find out that it is the piping problem that the condo insurance should cover. This causes long delays in getting the problem fixed and alot of headache.

I already have a homeowner's insurance in place but I am wondering if it is worth it to also get a home warranty insurance mainly for the AC system, dishwasher, and plumbing issues that the condo insurance would not cover or tries to get out of.

The cheapest quote I have received so far is $395 per  year, which I found out is really on the higher end of the price range. I'm going to look for coverage around $200-$300 range if I can. The hunt continues.

Update:  The cheapest quote I have received so far among three to four insurance companies is $28 per month. This is from First American Home Warranty Services. The hunt continues.

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