Monday, January 02, 2006

A Happy 2006!!

The last two weeks have been busy with the preparations for the New Year's Eve Dinner I had planned for family and friends as well as with a certain out-patient surgery that was scheduled on the day before New Year's eve. Note to self: do not plan to stand around cooking all day after a surgery that asks you to rest for a day or two. Unless you can live with pain for the couple of days. I know... I asked for it.

For the dinner, I ended up buying everything from tablecloth, napkins, napkin holders, plates, utensils to decorations. I, of course, went over budget despite the shopping list I held steadily in my hand during the shopping trips. Next time, I need to realize that I do not need to get everything new just because it's a new event. I'm sure my family and friends wouldn't have minded if old utensils and plates were used and we were eating off a table that picked up from a garage sale for $15. In fact, I'm sure they wouldn't have noticed the difference. In any case, I am truly lucky to have such wonderful people as my family and friends.

A Happy Belated New Year Everyone!

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