Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Side Income

I was beginning to get nervous with my side income money from my second freelance job since during the month of October, I havn't received any projects at all. So, no extra income for October. But as of today, I got two projects for the month of November, so I hope to bring in an extra amount of side income this month. I am expecting about an extra $ 1,500 to my regular income this month. This will help out alot with my savings goal. Not bad for a total of two days' work....one and a half day if I'm not lazy.

I wish I can get two projects per month regularly but the company I work freelance for is a small company and their monthly project load varies wildly. Of course, I can work part-time for the last biggish company I was at to get more money with regular monthly project loads, but their projects would be mainly out of state projects and my same day flying deals are over (at least for now). With the smaller company, I get the local projects and I get to breathe easier since I don't have anybody driving a strict dealine over me.

I'm happy, nonetheless, that my November asset amount would at least be abit higher than the October's balance.


  1. Congrats! That sounds like a sweet deal for a couple days work.

    Have you shared was you do for freelance work, or have you chosen to keep that private? Just curious, but of course I respect your privacy.

  2. Oh, no problem. I do environmental assessments for a small real estate due diligence company. Basically, banks want to do environmental site assessments for properties before they make loans on, so that they can not be held liable if there's contamination down the line. It's basically a report that helps the bank make decisions during their loan process.

    My full time job is a government job dealing with environmental compliance. I don't make much money in this field and in the government sector but I do love with I'm doing now and am glad of what I do have!